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Vintage accessories are probably the easiest things for anybody to acquire in order to add a special touch to any outfit. Many of my things have never been used...probably because a woman received something as a gift, then put it away for "best", only "best" never came. DivaSharon says: "USE IT!" Don't just let your pretty things collect dust or be put away, never to be seen until YOUR estate sale! Yikes! The nice thing about vintage accessories is that YOU can enjoy looking at them - not just the people admiring you! The feel of a beautiful needlepoint or beaded purse in your hands is something you have to experience to understand. And the fun of whipping out a pretty loose-powder compact and powdering your nose after dinner is something that women today don't even know about. Pity. But now YOU can have that fun by getting a lovely compact, purse, hat...who knows what I'll find for you! Keep checking back because I'm always hunting for treasure and if I can bear to part with it, it could be YOURS!


#334 Smokey and Clear Rhinestone Brooch - $24.00


#335 Blue Aurora Borealis Brooch - $24.00

Image: Blue Brooch

#304 Folding Eyeglasses - $85.00

Image: folding glasses


Ornate Lipstick Holder & Nailpolish Holder Set - $37.00

Image: Lipstick Holder Set

Loose-Powder Compact w/Neiman Marcus Tag - $65.00

Image: Neiman Marcus Compact

Image: Neiman Marcus compact inside view

Heart-shaped Music Box w/Marble Top - Plays "Swan Lake" - $60.00 SOLD!

Image: Heart Music Box

Capodimonte Porcelain Flower Pin & Clip Earrings in Wooden Box - $49.00

Image: Capodimonte pin and earrings

Vintage Powder Compacts, Bottle Set, Gold-Plated Razor - Inquire for Information & Pricing

Image: Compacts, razor, bottles

1950's Blue Lorgnette w/Aurora Borealis Crystals - $30.00

Image: Blue Lorgnette

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